Alert F.A.Q

iOS 10 911 Help Now Alert Update

iOS 10 introduced a change to the way contacts are edited in iPhone that will cause the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app not to work properly.

We have released an updated version of the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app that corrects this problem.

Go to the app store, look in the Updates folder and select the update for 911 HELP NOW ALERT. This should resolve the problem.

What is the Bluetooth Pin for my 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

The 911 HELP NOW ALERT is designed to be paired within the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app on your smartphone. The pin is negotiated between the button and the app and never shared. Please go into the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app and pair your button with the “Manage Device” icon. Do not try to pair the button in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. 

If your button is having trouble pairing, make sure it is turned on. Pressing the button for
10 seconds with turn it on. Pressing it for 45 seconds will return the button to default settings and power it off.

How can I change the battery?

911 HELP NOW ALERT uses a very common type of battery (CR2032) and can be changed very easily.

Why is my 911 HELP NOW ALERT not connecting to my iPHONE after my upgrade to iOS 8?

911 Help Now has discovered that a bug in the latest iOS upgrade may prevent your 911
HELP NOW ALERT from working properly. Users who have upgraded their iPHONE to iOS 8.0.0 or higher have reported connection issues with their 911 HELP NOW ALERT device. We have informed Apple of this bug in the new iOS release. In the meantime, please follow
the following steps to work around this bug:

1. Bring your 911 HELP NOW ALERT and iPhone close to each other;
2. Open the 911 HELP NOW ALERT Application;
3. Go to Manage Device;
4. Look for your 911 HELP NOW ALERT on the screen;
     a. If no device is found or listed, jump to step 5;
     b. If your 911 HELP NOW ALERT shows “Not Connected,” click on the minus (-) sign to                remove;
     c. Confirm to forget device;
5. Power Cycle the iPHONE;
6. Re-Open the 911 HELP NOW ALERT Application;
7. Go to Manage Device and follow the steps on the display to reconnect your 911 HELP NOW ALERT Device.

My 911 HELP NOW ALERT will not stay connected and blinks non-stop

If the 911 HELP NOW ALERT will not stay connected or continuously blinks, you may need to restart the 911 HELP NOW ALERT device.  You can do this by following the steps below.

1. Power off the 911 HELP NOW ALERT by pressing and holding the button for 30 seconds.   Once you hear two beeps and two flashing red lights the device will be turned off. (Tip: Wait the full 30 seconds until you hear the two beeps before releasing)
2. Open the 911 HELP NOW ALERT application on the phone and go to device manager. 
3. Click on the minus sign to remove the device from the application.
4. Restart the 911 HELP NOW ALERT device by pressing and holding the button for ~10 seconds or until you hear a beep followed by a flashing green light.
5. Once the device has been put in pairing mode you can select it in the application. (Tip: The app may take 10-20 seconds to complete the pairing process.)

Can I activate/deactivate the fall detection feature?

Yes, 911 HELP NOW ALERT comes with fall detection disabled by default, but you can activate it by going to your App home menu.

What are the main tips for 911 HELP NOW ALERT to work properly?

- Data service plan is required.

- 911 HELP NOW ALERT application must be running at all times, please do not stop or cancel the application.

- Fall detection accuracy depends on different factors including the nature of the fall and the way the 911 HELP NOW ALERT is held/worn.

- For best results keep 911 HELP NOW ALERT in close proximity to the smartphone.

- Keep Location services and Bluetooth activated/ON.

- Alert audio will not be heard on smartphone if the ringer is on vibrate or silent.

- Contact’s mobile phone number is required for Text/SMS message options to function.

- After your Smartphone software or system is updated, you need to re-launch the 911 HELP NOW ALERT phone application and perform a test to ensure proper operation.

Will my Tablet or iPad work with the 911 HELP NOW ALERT? How do you set up and use the 911 HELP NOW ALERT on a tablet?

The 911 HELP NOW ALERT can work together with a tablet that is connect to Wi-Fi as long as it is running either Android 4.3+ or iOS 7+. It must also support Bluetooth 4.0 wireless

Setting up the text/calling application

For this example we used TextFree by Pinger. Please note that VSN is not affiliated with Pinger or any other free text/calling applications.

Download and launch the application on the tablet. It with walk you through setting up a phone number (remember this number as you will need to enter it into the 911 HELP NOW
ALERT app) Once your number is created you will be able to make a contact list. Create a
contact for the people you would like the 911 HELP NOW ALERT to notify.

In the 911 HELP NOW ALERT application
Download and launch the 911 HELP NOW ALERT application. It will walk your through the
set up process. One key point is when it asks you for your mobile number to use the one
you created with the text/calling application previously.

How do I turn off the device?

Hold the button for approximately 30 seconds

What is required in my phone to use 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

Your phone needs to support Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

- Bluetooth feature on your phone must be turned ON.

- Your 911 HELP NOW ALERT must be paired and connected to your phone.

- 911 HELP NOW ALERT App, either IOS or Android, must be installed and running in your phone.

- 911 HELP NOW ALERT must be within range of your phone’s Bluetooth coverage.

- Location services in your phone must be activated for greater accuracy on your location information.

- Data connection is necessary for 911 HELP NOW ALERT App to send the alert.

Are there any recurring payments for the use of 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

No, this is one of the biggest advantage of 911 HELP NOW ALERT as you don’t need to pay any monthly fee. You only need to install the App in your phone, set it up and follow the instructions for connectivity.

What is the battery life of the 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

It lasts up to a year. 911 HELP NOW ALERT uses a coin type battery (CR2032) that can be replaced by the user and does not require recharging. 911 HELP NOW ALERT is designed to be used only in emergency situations and naturally, the more you use it, the shorter your battery life will be. If the connection between the 911 HELP NOW ALERT and your smartphone is lost, the 911 HELP NOW ALERT will continue to ping in an attempt to connect to your smartphone. This activity will drain faster your battery on the Device and the smartphone.

Where can I use the 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

911 HELP NOW ALERT has been designed to give you protection anywhere you go. First it is a waterproof device that can be worn in the shower, and second it provides you the flexibility to use it wherever you go with your smartphone. Have peace of mind when you go shopping, to the park or walking away from your house.

Does 911 HELP NOW ALERT work outside my home?

Yes. 911 HELP NOW ALERT is the first and only system that extends the features of an alert system, nationwide, by connecting through your smartphone.

How does the emergency alert work?

911 HELP NOW ALERT comes with a built-in emergency button that is designed for easy access and activation.

How do I pair and connect 911 HELP NOW ALERT with my smartphone?

The instructions below should help you connect your 911 HELP NOW ALERT with your smartphone.

 1. On your phone, navigate to the Bluetooth menu.

2. Make sure that the Bluetooth feature is ON.

3. Launch your 911 HELP NOW ALERT app in your phone, go to the Pairing screen in the App and select your 911 HELP NOW ALERT when it appears in the "Devices" list
(you will be instructed in the App to press the alert button for 10 seconds to be in discoverable mode). While in discoverable mode your 911 HELP NOW ALERT will blink green every 10 seconds for 15 minutes.

4. Your smartphone will then connect to the 911 HELP NOW ALERT and the App will let you know when it is connected. Once connected, your device will beep once and stop blinking. If you want to confirm connection, select “Manage Devices” from within the App.

How accurate is my location?

Location is based on the information your smartphone provides, therefore it is critical that you have Location Services activated. Accuracy is much better when your phone is in the outdoors and can capture signal form GPS satellites.

Can the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app call 911?

At this moment the 911 HELP NOW ALERT application only works with your personal contacts and can NOT text or call 911.

How do I add a contact with an international phone number?

When adding a contact to your 911 HELP NOW ALERT make sure you use international dialing format that starts with a plus sign (+), this can be done by holding down the, then write the country code, followed by the full phone number. Make sure to remove any leading 0′s or any special calling codes.

- For example the United States number 123-4567 and area code 954 would be written as +19541234567 (1 is the country code).

- Remember that some countries add some digits after the country code for mobile numbers. i.e. in Argentina, mobile numbers should have a 9 between the country code (+54) and area code. The final phone number will have 13 digits total: +54 9 xxx xxx xxxx. In Mexico, mobile numbers need to have a 1 after +52, even if they are Nextel numbers.

Can 911 HELP NOW ALERT be used while roaming?

Yes, you can use 911 HELP NOW ALERT while you are roaming but your phone requires access to data communication.

How far can the 911 HELP NOW ALERT be from my smartphone?

911 HELP NOW ALERT works with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that has a range of up to 75’ indoor or 300’ outdoors. This range may vary, depending on the power of your phone’s Bluetooth radio and the objects between your phone and the 911 HELP NOW ALERT, as well as other environmental conditions.

Will 911 HELP NOW ALERT work with my phone?

911 HELP NOW ALERT works on iPhone®4s/IOS 7 or newer and any smartphone using Android™ 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth® 4.3. 

Compatible Devices

- iPhone - 4s, 5, 5c, 5s

- Google - Nexus 4, Nexus 5

- Samsung - Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Note 3

- Motorola - Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, Droid RAZR, Moto X, Moto G, Moto E

- HTC One M7

- Most Android™ 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth® 4.3

What kind of accessories are included with the 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

911 HELP NOW ALERT comes in different packages that might include some or all of the following accessories:

- Clip-on accessory (i.e. belt clip, money clip, clip-on back pack, etc.)

- Pendant holder (can be used also as a key chain holder)

- Wrist band

- Quick Start Guide

What do I need to complete during the settings process?

Make sure your location services and the Bluetooth are active in your smartphone. You will need to add your personal information (name, phone number), add your contacts (Text/Call
selection) and define the alert message to be sent Complete the pairing process with your 911 HELP NOW ALERT. After this you have additional options (fall detection, silent mode, alert tone) but you are already protected.

What location is sent to my contacts in the sms message?
The 911 HELP NOW ALERT relies on your smartphone’s location services to determine your
location. Note that this location information is an estimate only and the GPS location services does not work indoors.

How many emergency contacts can I have?

911 HELP NOW ALERT gives you the opportunity to select up to 3 contacts for text message or phone calls. Be aware that for the text message to function properly, you need to provide a cellphone number for your contact.

If I go for a walk outside, will there be signal?

By carrying your smartphone together with your 911 HELP NOW ALERT, you will be able to send an alert anywhere you go as far as you are within cellular coverage. This product provides you with the peace of mind of having your personal life and mobility you desire.

How many 911 HELP NOW ALERTs can I have connected to my smartphone?

You can have one 911 HELP NOW ALERT connected to your phone at the same time.

Can I select the ringtone on my phone for when the alert goes off?

Yes, as part of the settings you can select any ring tone in your phone.

What does 'silent mode' mean in the app settings?

In some situations you want to avoid making a sound or illuminating your 911 HELP NOW ALERT or phone when there is an emergency (i.e. when used for personal security). In those cases you can select in the App to maintain 911 HELP NOW ALERT and/or Phone in stealth mode.

Where do I download the 911 HELP NOW ALERT app?

911 HELP NOW ALERT is compatible with iPhone and various Android devices. Downloading the application is quick and easy. 

1. IOS application is here.

2. Android application is here.

Why do I need to provide my name and number in the personal information section?

911 HELP NOW ALERT sends text messages using data communication and your name
and phone number are used to let your contacts know who the message is from.

How do I check my battery level?

Go to Home menu, click on Device Dashboard, and you will have the indication in the bottom right of your screen. Battery indicator shows three colors, Green, Yellow and Red. As soon as you get Red indication proceed to replace it.

Can I use my 911 HELP NOW ALERT in the shower?

Yes, 911 HELP NOW ALERT is a waterproof device and can be worn in the shower giving you extended protection.

Does the wrist band strap contain any latex?

No. The strap accessory is silicon based with no latex content.

What is 911 HELP NOW ALERT?

911 HELP NOW ALERT is a small wearable alert device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE (aka Bluetooth Smart) technology, and works in association with a smartphone application. 911 HELP NOW ALERT will allow you to alert others in case of a medical emergency, fall or risk to personal security.

911 HELP NOW ALERT also helps you to:

-Stay safe:  in case of an emergency, 911 HELP NOW ALERT instructs the phone to send text messages and/or call your emergency contacts with one press of a button.

- Have peace of mind: 911 HELP NOW ALERT has an integrated fall detection system that will send an emergency alert to your contacts even if you are unable to press the button.

- Transmit your location: 911 HELP NOW ALERT uses your phone’s GPS to let family, friends or medical professionals find you.

- 911 HELP NOW ALERT design and operation is highly innovative.

- Ergonomically designed with a recessed illuminated button and alert sound for a richer user experience.

- Waterproof protection.

- Long battery life.