About Us

911 Help Now™ is a technology based company focused on developing safety equipment to help our fellow americans in a time of need but most importantly, at an affordable price. We have created an interactive 2 way emergency medical device which allows anyone to contact the local 911 operator from anywhere in the country where there is cellular service. An easily accessible splash resistant necklace pendant, created for you and your convenience.
As we know the statistics for seniors and falls is increasing year by year in addition to the senior community increasing as well, this was one of the driving tools for our developers and their success on creating the 911 Help Now™ Pendant. What we as a team then realized is this is not only for our senior population and can be utilized for any and everyone to give themselves that peace of mind that they always have 911 Help Now™ by their side, and emergency help a button press away.


No Monthly Fees. No Hidden Charges.

What we strive for here is to be different, a task that wasn’t hard to accomplish considering we are able to give our customers a break from the typical medical alert monthly cost and only charge them a one time fee. Unlike most medical monitoring devices in the industry, our system is focused on saving you money over time. Your typical medical alert will cost you on average $34.95 per month for as long as you have the system, which on average a customer will stay with the company for at least 42 months. Meaning you will spend over $1,500 dollars in the course of that time when you could eliminate all monthly cost and only spend $64.95 one time cost to give yourself that peace of mind you’re searching for.


Below is a side by side comparison chart for the 911 Help Now VS similar products within the industry. As you can see we have created a one of a kind product that will allow you to have the freedom you deserve without carrying the burden of "what if" during and emergency situation. Most importantly we do it while maintaining affordability with No Monthly Fees and No Hidden Charges.