911 Help Now Plus 2 Pack - Buy 2 and SAVE

911 Help Now Plus 2 Pack - Buy 2 and SAVE

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Emergency Communicator with Alarm and Flashlight. The 911 Help Now Plus is the perfect device for emergency communications. With the push of one button, the user is directly connected to the local 911 operator. Two-way communication allows the user to speak with the 911 operator to get the exact help they need when they need it most.
What happens when I press the help button?

When the button is pressed and held down for 5 seconds, a blue LED light will turn on indicating the unit is powered up. The unit will also state" calling 911" twice. The unit will then dial your local emergency service provider and connect your call. The next voice you hear will be the 911 operator.

How Do I know when the batteries need to be replaced

On the right side of the 911 Help Now PLUS Emergency Medical Alert Pendant there is a button with a small battery icon on it. Press the button and if it shows as red/orange you need to replace your batteries. You do not have to buy batteries from us like many of the other medical alert systems in the marketplace. Instead, this device works with AAA interchangeable batteries.

Is there a dedicated phone number to the 911 Help Now Emergency Pendant?

No. The device is programmed to call 911 in case of an emergency. 

Are there any hidden fees associated with the 911 Help Now Emergency Pendant?

No. There are no hidden fees and no monthly payments.

How can they hear me?

You simply speak into the device.

Does the unit work everywhere?

Anywhere you are in the U.S. with cellular coverage. Please check our coverage map for more information. 


Using cellular coverage 911 Help Now Plus provides nationwide two way voice communication at the press of a button.