Why Medical Alert Devices Work for Kids, Too!

It is a common misconception that medical alert devices are specifically designed for the elderly. However, these devices (such as the 911 Help Now™ Emergency Alert Pendant) are designed to help people of all ages when they are involved in an emergency situation! Yes, elderly individuals have a higher probability of being involved in an accident in the home or on the road than most age groups. Children are also an age group that can benefit greatly from a device’s assistance in an emergency. 

Children are vulnerable – no matter how hard a parent or guardian tries to protect their child, sometimes they can’t be present if an emergency occurs. While children have social appointments, school and athletics, parents have busy workloads of their own. Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, even in the home. Some children, like the elderly, can have chronic medical concerns such as asthma or diabetes, that warrant easy access to emergency services. For these reasons, medical alert devices are an easy solution to ensuring your children have a way to contact 911 if they’re involved in an emergency. 

Here’s why medical alert devices make more sense than ever for children: Today’s modern world revolves around technology. Everyone has a device in their pocket, whether it be for a variety of tasks for adults, or for simple communication for the elderly or children. While many parents find that a cell phone does the trick, lots of parents opt out of providing cell phones for their children to avoid an early addiction or dependence on them. Emergency alert devices fill this void perfectly, allowing wireless emergency contact while being worn as a necklace, bracelet, on a belt, or kept in a pocket.

These devices are designed for simplicity and ease of use. Most emergency alert devices – including 911 Help Now™ devices – need only the push of a button to contact 911. This is faster and simpler than a cell phone, and Help Now devices even utilize the same cellular towers for reception.

Help Now Alarm Co. products have another bonus: Unlike cell phones and other medical alert products, they are a one-time purchase with no monthly fees or extra charges. Once purchased, the device can immediately be used to contact emergency services directly. With instant 24-hour contact with emergency services, children have the ability to live a bit more independently, with parents having peace of mind knowing help is one button away.