Outnumbered3-1.com 911 Help Now™ Emergency Medical Alert Pendant Review

Learn About 911 Help Now, a Life Changing Medical Alert Device

You never know when an emergency will happen, especially for those loved ones who are aging, or perhaps even your small children. But now your loved ones can take peace of mind with them wherever they go thanks to one handy device. Today I’ve partnered with 911 Help Now to share all about their life changing medical alert device. All opinions are my own.

911 Help Now is an affordable medical alert device with no hidden monthly fees. With the touch of one button, 911 Help Now will connect you or your loved one to the nearest 911 operator and works practically anywhere, wherever there is cell phone coverage. Once the button is pushed, a 911 will answer and speak with you while they assess your emergency and send the necessary help. I think of it as peace of mind in a 3 inch device.

There are two ways to wear the 911 Help Now device, either around your neck or on your belt and options for both are included right in the package. I definitely appreciated that the required 3 AAA batteries were included too!

911 Help Now is splash resistant and is so simple that even a child can use it. In fact, it’s perfect for kids who walk back and forth to school on their own and parents will have the comfort of knowing that their child can simply press a button for emergency help, wherever they may be.

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