A 911 Help Now™ Emergency Medical Alert Pendant Review

Do you worry about not being able to reach someone in an emergency?

Do you have a loved one that you are worried about but won’t get an alert button? 911 HelpNow™ is the perfect device for you!

The 911 HelpNow™ is a personal/medical safety device widely available to consumers of all ages, sizes and genders with no monthly fee!  It’s true- I tried it and it works without paying a dime for service!

About Stealth Technologies, Inc.

Stealth Technologies Inc. is an innovative company with a portfolio of products and intellectual property that solve some of the most challenging issues in security and personal protection facing us today.  The Company has developed a suite of products to protect against “electronic pickpockets”, emergency response latency, credit fraud protection and cell phone data protection.    The Company also has several other products under development and is exploring potential military applications of its proprietary technologies.

About 911 HelpNow

A comprehensive medical alert system designed to fit comfortably into your current lifestyle. Our simple design allows a user one touch voice communication with 911 Emergency Service Providers all without a monthly recurring fee.

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Save 20%

Today Stealth Technologies, Inc. (STTH), a technology company that develops products for personal and financial protection, announced the widespread availability of its 911 HelpNow™ (promo code HELP20 for an introductory 20% discount) life protecting personal and medical safety device. With one touch of a button and no monthly or hidden fees, 911 HelpNow™ immediately connects the user to the nearest 911 emergency operator and automatically opens up a two-way communication.

Did you know?

In the United States, every 11 seconds a senior adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall; every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten, and statistics show finding an abducted or missing child within the first 3 hours significantly increases the chances of reuniting and surviving. 911 HelpNow™ can help in these and many other situations.

My Thoughts:

I wasn’t sure about this Emergency device- my mother-in-law has an alert system that requires a yearly fee.  We always thought it was a great option for her, that was until we found out about 911 HelpNow™!   Now she can have peace of mind without worrying about the false alarms, dead batteries or losing her small button.

I also can’t wait to give one to my parents.  They don’t have any type of alert system (other than their cell phones) and I worry about them.  My Dad has a Pacemaker and a few other medical issues and response time to an emergency medical event is very important.  If his cell phone doesn’t have service, he can’t call 911.  With  911 HelpNow™, he ALWAYS has access to 911 WITHOUT ANY FEES!

A few benefits of  911 HelpNow™:

  • It takes 3 AAA batteries which will last approximately a year.
  • It has a battery check button to make sure the batteries are good.
  • It comes with a lanyard type attachment to wear around your neck.
  • It also comes with an optional clip to hook to your belt, purse, pockets, etc
  • It has a 2-way voice connection with 911
  • The removable button protection shield keeps the button protected but it is easy to slide up when you need to push the button.
  • No fees, no yearly charges!

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