How You Can Maintain Your Independence with a Medical Alert Device

It’s a familiar scenario – older adults that live alone receive a lot of concern from friends and family about their safety. Between health concerns, physical ability, and household hazards, it’s possible older adults can face an emergency situation. This poses a risk when living alone, because there is no one else present to provide aid or contact emergency services. With this in mind, aging adults might seek alternative forms of safety assurance without sacrificing their ability to live independently.

Medical alert devices are an effective tool to maintain independence and provide peace of mind to family and friends concerned for an older adult’s well-being. These devices are simple, easy to use, and provide instant contact with emergency services in the event of an accident. With devices like these, older adults have the instant support of emergency services without the need for regular supervision.

Medical Alert Devices

There are a variety of medical alert devices on the market to provide aid to older adults in the event of an emergency. These devices are designed to assist aging adults without being intrusive. Many of these alert systems Help Now Alarm Company provides low-cost, easy to use alternatives to more expensive, subscription-based alert systems on the market today.

911 Help Now™ Emergency Alert Pendant

Help Now Alarm Company's original medical alert device is simple, durable, and cost effective. This device is a one-time purchase, with no monthly payments or hidden fees. With the ability to speak to a 911 operator at the push of a button, this device allows aging adults to live worry free, and maintain the feeling of self-sufficiency and independence.

911 Help Now™ Location Plus

The latest mobile alert device from Help Now Alarm Co. is an upgrade from the original 911 Help Now™ Alert Pendant. The Location Plus device not only contacts 911 at the push of a button, but also shares your GPS location with the 911 operator, so medical assistance can be sent to your exact location. 

These Help Now Alarm Company devices are the ideal solution for aging adults looking to maintain their independence. Family and friends will have peace of mind knowing you have access to emergency services instantly. You can live your life by your own terms - while ensuring your safety.

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