Hampton Senior Citizen Prom declared a success!

HAMPTON — Hampton High School students rolled out the red carpet Saturday for seniors from the Bear Creek Senior Activity Center.

Students organized a Hollywood Night Senior Citizen Prom at the school. The idea came about after a year-long partnership between the center and school.

“We had been doing things like Grandparents Day, Veteran’s Day Breakfast, dance lessons and oral history reports with the seniors at the center,” said Melissa Roberts, Hampton High work based learning instructor. “Our students started talking about doing this and it quickly became a full-blown prom.”

Nearly everyone in the school participated in the special evening. The culinary classes prepared the food, the jazz band played music and the fine arts students created the decorations. The school’s Student Government Association and Future Business Leaders of America members as well as Hampton Gents and Ladies Unlimited contributed to organizing and making the evening a success.

“The connection my students have made with the seniors at the center has been amazing,” Roberts said. “They love each other and have some much fun together.”

Brenda Wesley, activity center director, said she and everyone at the center are thankful for the “generosity, talent and time spent to make the evening a night to remember.”

Wesley said the relationship has made a difference in the lives of the seniors.

“It was truly amazing how everyone came together to host such a special occasion,” she said. “I’m so thankful for the time our seniors have shared with Hampton High School students.”

Wesley noted that everyone who attended the prom had a good time.

“Made my dream come true because I didn’t get to go to my prom,” said one senior. Others said it was a night they’ll never forget.

“The students were so respectful and nice,” said a prom attendee. “They showed us a wonderful time.”

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