Cell Phones vs. Medical Alert Devices: Which is Right for You?

A lot of different devices these days have the ability to contact emergency services. Cell phones are the most common, but medical alert devices are convenient and useful, too. Both cell phones and emergency medical alert systems have enormous capabilities. There are pros and cons to both devices, so let’s dive in to see which one is right for you.

Cell Phones

The most common device around that can contact emergency services is the cell phone. There are wide varieties of cell phone, from complex to simple, and require either monthly billing to use them or prepaid minutes. Smartphones, a variety of cell phones, have a variety of applications that make them useful for many tasks, as well as games and entertainment. These features are fun, but not helpful in an emergency.


  • A variety of cell phones are available at any budget.
  • Dialing 911 is easy.
  • Emergency applications are available.


  • Smartphones can seem daunting and complicated.
  • Monthly data plans can be expensive.
  • It’s easy to forget, drop, or lose a cell phone.

Medical Alert Devices

For seniors, medical alert devices are often preferable to cell phones for emergencies. Like cell phones, there are a variety of medical alert devices that vary in features and price, depending on what you want to get out of your device. These devices can be stationary at home, portable, or even wearable!


  • There’s a medical alert device out there to suit any budget, either on a monthly plan or one-time price.
  • Medical alert devices are often wearable, either as a pendant/necklace or bracelet.
  • Many devices are waterproof, like the Help Now SmartGo device.


  • Wearing a device on your neck or wrist as a pendant or bracelet can be intrusive or tedious.
  • Some medical alert systems are expensive and may be more costly on a monthly basis than a basic phone plan.

Medical Alert Systems to consider

            Help Now Alarm Company offers a variety of medical alert devices to suit anyone. None of these devices have monthly fees or extra charges – just a one-time price.

  • 911 Help Now™ Emergency Medical Alert Pendant: Our flagship device that contacts emergency services directly at the push of a button.
  • 911 Help Now™ Location Plus: This device sends your location to 911 at the push of a button, on top of two-way voice communication.
  • The SmartGo Waterproof Medical Alert Device: A small, convenient, waterproof solution for your medical alert needs. The SmartGo provides the same peace of mind as all other Help Now products in a compact size.

Help Now Alarm Co. offers all these devices and many more to provide you with peace of mind in any scenario. You can see the other products Help Now Alarm Co. has to offer here.

To summarize, while cell phones can be fun, useful, and budget-friendly, emergency alert devices can provide an easier solution in a dangerous situation at the same price or less!