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911 Help Now Works With Batteries – No Internet Required!

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911 Help Now Works With Batteries – No Internet Required!

Do you have an elderly parent that you worry about being alone?  What about a child that comes home and lets themself into the house until you get home?  Have you ever worried about shopping, especially at night?  Are you a jogger and do not want the burden of your phone with you?  911 Help Now is amazing.  It works by using cell phone towers to call 911.  All you have to do is push the button and you will be connected to a 911 operator.  You will talk to them so they will know what is wrong and they can send the right people to help you.

No Monthly Fees, No Contract. Help 911 Help Now Pendent has patented technology, allows direct communication to a 911 operator. Now is the time to protect your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing help is just a push of a button away. With the build in microphone and speaker you can communicate directly with a 911 operator. 911 Help Now is a cellular-based 911 communications device. It provides security for everyone of your loved ones. In this ever-changing world Peace of Mind is now available wherever you go and for all your loved ones. There is no monthly fee and 911 Help Now can be used anywhere in the US where there is a cellular connection regardless of any carrier. What You Get 911 Help Now pendant 3 AAA Lithium batteries Battery cover clip Neck strap Shield User manual Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty Protect yourself and your loved ones with 911 Help Now… because life is for living. Good to Know The availability of Cell Locate technology depends on the capability of your local 911 dispatch call center.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Direct 2 way communication to 911
  • No need for cell phone, home phone or to be at home
  • One button connects you direct with 911 Operator
  • Works virtually everywhere in the US

Stay protected and achieve piece-of-mind with the 911 Help Now Emergency Pendent! Just one push of a button can protect you from emergencies. Be prepared for Medical, fire, burglaries and other emergencies. The 911 Help Now Device features:

• One Button to Call 911 Direct

• Standard AAA batteries

• Accidental Call Cancel Button

• One Year Battery Life

• 2-way voice connection

• Break-away lanyard included

• Belt clip included

• Protective button cover included

• Splash resistant & durable

I plan on getting my 80-year-old mother to use this.

911 Help Now911 Help Now

This is so smart, no wires, no internet, just easy contact with a 911 operator.  All you do is push the button.

911 Help Now

This is really perfect for a lot of uses.  It even comes with the batteries.  They include an extra back to clip it on.  It gives you a 2 way voice connection so you can tell them what is needed.  It comes with the lanyard to wear around your neck.  It has a plastic cover so it will not be connected by accident.

My mom is healthy and very independent, so I like this idea for her to keep her living on her own while still giving her an extra level of confidence.  My brother got her a cell phone and I am not sure she evens know how to use it, with 911 Help Now it’s just a push of a button.  Most elderly people do not want to learn something complicated and this really is easy.  Plus it is sturdy and should last a long time.  You only have to change the batteries, indicator on the unit, approximately 1 time per year.

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